Advanced Technology Center

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CIATEQ, an Advanced Technology Center, offers integral, innovative, practical and timely solutions to the manufacturing, oil, aeronautic industries and to those related to the water handling and distribution, integrating mechatronics technological specialties, measurement, monitoring and automated control systems, software development and advanced manufacturing.

As a Public Research Center coordinated by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), we integrate into our Mission the responsibility to train high level human resources related with our technological specialties as well as to generate scientific knowledge through applied research.


"CIATEQ is a Public Center of Technological Research that through design and development of products, processes, systems and Human Resources Training, creates value for its clients and associates "

Vision (2005-2015)

"CIATEQ sees itself as an Avant-Garde Center in technological development acknowledged for the creation and strengthening of companies where their personnel grows with professionalism and outstands in their environment ".

CIATEQ History

For Querétaro, the seventies set the trend of the industrial growth of the city. The metal-mechanic industry became the leading sector with the presence of two large industrial groups, ICA and SPICER, who had the initiative to install a center to support the industry in Querétaro and the region. This initiative was received by the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) and National Laboratories of Industrial Fostering (LANFI), who assessed the needs of having a technological support for the industry of the region, therefore, they launched the procedures with the State Government in order to get the support to create one of the so called CRIAT (Regional Centers for Research and Technical Assistance) mainly oriented to the metal-mechanic area, specifically in design and manufacturing.

Finally in the year1978, CONACYT starts to structure the guidelines under which the Center would be established. Thus, on November 9, 1978, the (CIATEQ) Center of Research and Technical Assistance of the State of Querétaro, A.C., was established, with the participation of the Federal Government represented by CONACYT and LANFI, the State Government of Querétaro as well as by the industrialists of the State, headed by the directors of the ICA Group and SPICER Group.

Once the CIATEQ was established, the following objectives were set: provide technical advisory for the establishment of new companies; industrial promotion and personnel technical training activities; provide technical assistance services regarding the integral quality control of materials and manufactured products; provide advisory in technical design aspects, manufacturing methods, machinery and processes, production organization and control; perform applied research works; innovation and technological development.












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